Products and Services

Below are the lists of products and services we offer. Should you need more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Img is our E-Learning program for Tamil learning. Here you can learn to read and write Tamil as fast as 90 days with our Virtual Classroom system. For more info, please visit

Web Development

Keesha System also provide customised and cost effective web development services for clients. We provide free consultation and demo page for clients satisfication. Besides the development, we also provide full maintenance service which solely customise according to client needs.

Customise Caller Tune (RBT)

Ever wished to promote your products in style? Try our customise Caller Tune/ Ring Back Tone (RBT) via Mobile. Every time anyone call your mobile, your promotion or corporate song will be played. Something unique in fast growing business industry.

Short Code Messaging (SMS)

Do you want to create SMS blast to your potential client at 1 go, let us do it for you with cost effeciency. Besides sending blast SMS, our system also capable for Smart Messaging Services where client have opportunity to communicate with our automated system.

Software Consultations

Whatever your needs in IT, we are ready to discuss. Contact us for discussion.

Social Media

Do you need support in rising your fans in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube? Let us do it for you. You set the numbers and we make it happen.